Throughout history, artists have had their muses. This series features the female models who became the focal points of many of the major works of painters, filmmakers, and writers. My first painting was of Grace Kelly, renowned actress and model; Alfred Hitchcock put her talents to work in several of his films. Next, was Lee Miller, a major talent in her own right as a model and a photographer; Man Ray was captivated by her and she appears in many of his works. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a painter of the Romantic period and one of my major influences, painted Jane Burden Morris, an embroiderer and model. Most recently I painted Anna Marie Gropius Mahler Werfel, a composer, author, editor and socialite; Gustav Klimt painted her several times. I worked from photographs that the artist used, painting the portrait in grisaille and the background in the style of the artist with my added embellishments.