Off to the Races, Horse Race No.3, oil on canvas 50inX60in

Off to the Races is a series of paintings inspired by a 1931 French horse racing game, and images of vintage erotica from the same era–the perfect combination to visually represent male competition over female sexuality. The juxtaposition of grisaille for the figures and bright colors for the game creates a sensual distinction between the two “sides.”  Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life, which is, of course, impossible, without males and females coming together. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. The butterfly also symbolizes transformation as it changes from caterpillar to winged adult.

Studio Visit Magazine

A juried Selection of International Artists.
Volume 36, 2016. Juried by Jessica Roscio, Danforth Art Museum, Framingham, MA

my work-pages 12 and 13